People who read the book had a few things to say about it!

S Rasit

‘I have just ordered my second book. I am a Grandmother of a little girl who is Deaf and has cochlear implants. She is 31 months old and I know she will love it! It’s a great story, Great pictures with good strong colours. And the signs above the words are fantastic, it helps a great deal with my journey of learning sign. And also any family members that don’t sign perhaps due to confidence issues or ‘not wanting to get it wrong’ I believe this book will break through barriers and give those people a tool to communicate and get started. Hameeda Thank You please write more of these wonderful books. I would certainly buy them.’

Cath Smith

‘At long last a book that has been published for deaf children and their families that includes sign graphics to support the story – congratulations to the author for this innovative step. This is a beautifully illustrated and easy to follow story of a family outing. ‘Aidy’ is included as part of their everyday life, with useful details of dealing with hearing aids in real life contexts which it does in an easy way without overegging the pudding. Great for any deaf child’s self esteem – very well done. I’m proud to be associated with it.’

Fiona M

‘I love this book! An ordinary family – Mum, dad, 3 kids- one of whom happens to be deaf. I love the way “Aidy” is a presented as a friendly character in his own right. The illustrations are beautiful and there are helpful diagrams which explain how to sign key words. Excellent. I think Ali and Aidy could go on many more outings in the future.’

Teigan A

i thought your book was fab. you should be proude of your self for writing such a brilliant book . as i was reeding it i realised it was based on your family . i have a friend at school who is deaf and your book will help me sign to him. :)’

(thank you Teigan (aged 10) for my very first ‘little person’ review! Hameeda)


‘I loved sharing this book with my deaf son who like Ali wears hearing aids. Its a lovely thought provoking book with beautifully clear illustrations of Ali’s visit to the beach. The sign graphics are a bonus and both deaf and hearing children can learn much from this wonderful book – a must have for local libraries and schools.’


‘I particularly enjoyed reading this book because it shows how important and helpful hearing aids are to deaf children. We meet Ali and his hearing aid “Aidy” and his family, and go to the beach with them. At the end of the book, we find out how many things Aidy has helped Ali hear. The illustrations are lovely. A great book to read with young deaf children, or their brothers and sisters.’


‘This book is fantastic. I have it for my job and it’s perfect for the children that I work with. I really do hope there will be more in the series. I must for anyone who has a deaf or hard of hearing child.’